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Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that during the pandemic in order to stay safe classes are held via Zoom. 

I welcome consultations either via Zoom or over the telephone.

Some private teaching may be possible over Zoom.


1.  What is Yoga?  

Yoga is an ancient Indian system of personal development.   On a practical level, yoga is a means of balancing and harmonising the body, quieting the mind and emotions.  ​It is said that with regular practice and commitment Yoga enables us to experience our true nature through improved health and well being.  

2.  What happens in a class?

My Yoga classes are small with lots of personal attention and traditionally last for 90 minutes. 

Emphasis is placed on letting go of mental and physical tension.  The class begins with gentle 'centring' and preparation and ends with relaxation or meditation 

and may include aspects of Somatics and Tai Chi.  You will be encouraged to work at your own pace through progressive gentle stretches and safely develop your physical ability with full awareness of your breath, modifications and respect for your spine before moving into full asanas (postures) if appropriate for you. 

3.  I’m not very flexible so would I be able to do Yoga?

It is important to find the right class as not all Yoga classes are the same so for this reason I offer a free consultation.  Whether you are in good health, have minor ailments or even more serious problems or injuries regular commitment to Yoga can help improve your well being physically, mentally and spiritually whatever level or age you start from.  


4.  Can I just drop in to the classes?
Unfortunately not. This allows for continuity and a more personalised style of yoga making it more easily adaptable to individual levels of ability. 

It also helps to build a mutually supportive group environment.  


5.  What if I haven't done any Yoga before?
No previous experience is required or assumed.  This will be discussed in your consultation.


6.  Do I need to bring anything and what shall I wear?

While classes are via Zoom you will need your own mat at home.

Best to wear loose comfortable clothing and practice in bare feet with socks, warm jumper and a blanket handy for the relaxation.


7.  How soon can I join the classes?
During the pandemic and while classes are on Zoom you are welcome to join anytime.  


8.  What about missed classes? Can I make them up?

If sometimes you can’t make your normal yoga class it may be possible to attend another class during the booking period.


9.  Must I inform you if I can’t make it to a class or if I want to make up a missed class?

Yes please.  Whilst on Zoom I will need to send you the invite. 


10. Are refunds available?

Refunds are only available because of emergency hospitalisation or absent because of Covid 19


11. Is it possible to transfer or carry forward a booked course to a future term?
Unfortunately not. 


12. What about if I’m away or go on holiday or ill, do I still have to pay for that class?

Only cases of emergency hospitalisation will be credited with a class.  

Holiday absences count as a missed class but you are welcome to ‘make up’ the missed class at another time throughout the paid term. 


Please Note:  When you book a place you are deemed to be accepting the Terms & Conditions.   

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