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Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga No classes are currently running

  • Help develop your breathing skills to aid relaxation and movement during pregnancy and in labour.

  • Gently assist your body in cultivating strength, balance & flexibility during the many changes that pregnancy brings.

  • Help relieve back pain and promote good posture as your tummy gets bigger.

  • Give you space to relax and teaches relaxation techniques to assist you during this special time when you need as much energy as possible. 

  • Provides time to connect with your baby

  • Help prepare you mentally, physically & emotionally.

  • Give you an opportunity to get to meet,  know and share your experience with other pregnant mums, which can be very valuable and supportive.

  • Assist in preparation for labour and birth, using safe principles and practice.

  • A small group of 4 students only are taken from 14 weeks onwards, for personalised tuition.

  • Covid mitigations in place, for you and baby's safety.

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