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Pregnancy Yoga More Info:

Pregnancy is a special time for you and your baby and many midwives say they recognise the value of attending a specialist yoga class during pregnancy.   Because the hormone relaxin makes the ligaments more pliable, it is important, in order to avoid injury, not to overload or overstretch them, so during this specialist yoga 4 week course you are encouraged to develop safe practices designed for each trimester.   Because Yoga is an holistic lifestyle you are encouraged to consider all aspects of your well being and your growing baby, so whether you regularly attend yoga classes or you are completely new to yoga, this course can support you at this special time.

Jan Wilding is a mother, grandmother, an experienced  British Wheel of Yoga teacher and a massage therapist.  12 years ago Jan trained in specialist pregnancy yoga with Judy Cameron, a nurse, midwife, British Wheel of Yoga teacher & Yoga Birth tutor and is also trained in infant massage.   

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