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Fierce nature

On Wakapuaka Beach, South Island  - January 2011


The rocks of time speak

Monuments of petrified forests lie scattered on the shoreline

Reminders of past storms

Fierce nature giveth and taketh away

Glory in its majesty, it draws us home.


Speaking in tongues we cannot understand

Only in our souls do we know

We too are part of time - before

Silhouettes of ourselves

Shadows that follow on the path


Step by step we honour each rock spat out by the unforgiving earth

Erupting into our lives

Crashing into our souls

Never ending.


Are we listening?

Can we meet our past and honour our future?

Do we honour the rock on which we build our home?

Or crumble like sand?


Neti Neti

On Wakapuaka Beach, South Island - January 2011


Wave after wave

Breath after breath

With wind in my hair & sun on my back

Step after step I tread lightly on the earth


This land where forests meet the ocean and skies are ever changing

Where raw nature and wild seas pound the shore in magnificent glory

and remind me of who I am.


As waterfalls cascade from the mountains and fill The Sound

I know I am alive

I breathe

I too am part of what is

Part of the whole

Not this, not that

Not divided

I am the wave

I am breath

I am the forest

I am life


Note:  Neti Neti - "The Divine is not this & it is not that"

In the end, the student must transcend words to understand the nature of the Divine. 

Brhadaranyaka Upanishad

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The Sound of Silence

At Dharma Gaia after morning meditation - December 2010


S = silence

O = oneself/ourselves/ the One

U = understanding

N = nature

D = divine


In Silence we find Our self,

Understanding our true Nature and purpose,

Bringing us toward the Divine.

And in that SOUND we resonate OM



The Sanctuary - Gateway to Paradise

Dharma Gaia & Mana Retreat Centre - December 2010

I can fly

I am free

Heal the spirit

Release the pain

Beauty in its ultimate form

Sacred in every way

Open is the doorway to Bliss

Paradise is calling.

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