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Jan Wilding

I am a British Wheel of Yoga teacher, Foundation Course tutor and Holistic Massage therapist with over 30 years experience both in the UK and abroad. I trained in massage with I.T.E.C.  and  yoga with the British Wheel of Yoga. 


Over the years I have practiced many different traditions, disciplines and holistic therapies in the field of Yoga and Personal Development.  I thank many of my teachers including Ram Dass (who was a professor of psychology at Harvard); the Bihar School of Yoga and the teachings of Swami Satyananda; Swami Gitananda; the Kripalu Yoga Centre in Massachusetts; John Stirk & Peter Blackaby who are both Yoga teachers & osteopaths and teach  the style of Yoga as taught by Vanda Scaravelli; Paul Harvey who for 23 years was taught directly by TKV Desikachar;  and various schools of Buddhist meditation, particularly Thich Nhat Hanh; and Wu style Tai Chi   More recently I have studied with Donna Fahri and Lisa Peterson with whom I have explored the practice of  Somatics.

As a result of a back injury as a teenager and since the menopause, I have  developed a lifestyle that reflects the importance of releasing deep seated tensions through Somatic Movement Education which slowly and gently helps focus the brain on areas of pain and unconscious tension through a safe relaxed approach to freeing the body and mind; developing core strength stability; restorative yoga; and good breathing.   Because no two bodies are the same and no two people will 'feel' a posture in the same way, I only offer small classes so that attention can be given to the needs of each individual.

Over the years I have taught both Yoga and massage for the Adult Education Department, worked in sports and health centres, as well as with staff in hospitals. I have experience in mainstream Education, working with whole school policy on pupil behavior and general stress management in the pre-school, primary and secondary sectors. During this time I wrote a booklet for Gloucestershire Education Authority entitled "Relaxation within the Classroom".

I now offer gentle progressive yoga classes, somatics, specialist pregnancy classes, relaxation, meditation, workshops and retreats.   

Poetry by Jan



published in BWY Spectrum Autumn 2010 

"And now, Behold

Beneath my hand my heart beats,

. . . read on


"The rocks of time speak

. . . read on


"Wave after wave

Breath after breath

. . . read on


In Silence we find Ourself

. . . read on


I can fly

I am free

. . . read on

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